I was deeply involved with several types of media in college. I specialize in graphics and video. I often find myself in other media ranging from ceramics, metal smithing, sculpture and creative problem solving. I took my share of art concepts, from prehistoric to design history. I feel that art history can repeat itself. I accelerate in composition, and contemporary design theories using current authoring applications. I hold certifications in Mac desktop and portable devices in several areas of technical assistance. But my true love is in graphics and video. Grabbing attention that's ocular invoking to people is the truth that represent. There's a fine line between replicate versus originate. Values and a new novel places are a critical motivation for me. Keeping abreast with digital mechanics is a deep seeded need. I also possess a natural talent, understanding people and expressing myself. I'm seeking jobs in graphic design/video and a leadership roles as a project manager related to advertising. In prior job experiences, I've learned and honed my team relationship skills that build ideas and projects. I find that it's required for collective team accomplishments. I want to give a clear crisp vision of what design should be.